Tips & Tricks: CMS

CMS is short for Content Management System, a type of program that when used on the web allows designated website content to be edited without the need for writing or editing HTML code. This means that anyone who can operate a word processing program can edit the contents of a website if it is set up with a CMS.

Web CMS works with HTML based web pages and often includes a tag such as “editable” to distinguish which fields may be altered with the CMS software. This allows for a website’s design and layout to be handled by a web professional, while the text and photo content can be managed by the client without altering the layout or interfering with the back end coding. The above photo is a sample of a CMS editing window; the layout and tool bars are similar to that of any text editor, making it easy for those without web coding knowledge to edit the text. (Click photo to enlarge.)

When a CMS is used at GetCreative, the client is given “authoring” permission with log in information to access their site securely. Web pages can be previewed before publishing, and any pages can be restored within 90 days of making revisions. Other features include a file uploader, image editor and the ability to edit website titles, descriptions and keywords. Our CMS is handled entirely online and therefore eliminates the need to download any software.

It is important to note that a CMS works with HTML, but cannot be used to edit Flash or other rich media applications. It is advantageous to consider whether you will want to use a CMS to edit your site early on in the creation of your website, to ensure that the code is written in a way that will be easily editable later. At GetCreative the majority of our websites are written and organized in a fashion that makes switching to a CMS a quick and uncomplicated process.

For more information or to begin using our CMS to edit your website, contact us via e-mail.

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  1. Hasan Luongo says:

    CMS provide a lot of advantages for small business, especially when the site owner can make quick updates and add content such as blogs. Editing your own content reduces the cost of managing the site and keeping the site updated with new content is crucial for getting found via search engines.

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    Great one, solid info! Cheers.

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